About Oaksterdam University

Oaksterdam University was founded in November 2007 by Richard Lee, who placed a provocative advertisement in the East Bay Express proclaiming “Cannabis Industry Now Hiring.” Lee had wanted to open a trade school for the cannabis industry ever since visiting the cannabis college in Amsterdam.

Rather than emulate the college in Amsterdam where curriculum mainly surrounds horticulture, Lee decided to expand upon the idea and create a curriculum that focuses on the entire cannabis trade. Wanting to further legitimize the cannabis industry, Lee’s school quickly gained the attention of local, national, and even international media.

Today Oaksterdam University is a forerunner in training people interested in a career in the cannabis Industry. Thousands of students have passed through our curriculum since our doors first opened. In addition to being a groundbreaking new place to learn, O.U. also doubles as a hub for cannabis activism.

We are a community of advocates, activists, patients, and average people. Trust, confidentiality, and solidarity are just a few of the practices we abide by. Our faculty, staff and alumni are ambassadors of the school and benefit from the professional experience and networking opportunities developed through O.U.

4 thoughts on “About Oaksterdam University

  1. My daughter is looking for a serious career studying medical research with cannibus treatment. I am hoping to find a 4 year university with scholarship access as she is an honor student. I am also seeking help financial sponsors for her tuition. I know her education will make a difference in this world.


    • Hi Genelle,
      I apologize for the slow response. Oaksterdam University is not a traditional university. Because medical cannabis is still a schedule I substance, we don’t have scholarships available for students in general. We do have a scholarship for veterans that is funded through donations. That said, OU is an excellent place to learn about the cannabis industry. As medical cannabis becomes more accepted by our political leaders and the federal government, things will change. I invite your daughter to stay connected to OU by following this blog as well as our social media platforms. Thank you for your interest.


  2. Hi Guys, am looking at starting up in Australia as the government here is starting licensed farming and am interested in getting some knowledge in terms of what works well, and what doesn’t. Am thinking multi-level hydroponics as opposed to rows, but am interested in all experiences.




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