Growing Quality Cannabis; Could Your Plants Meet Blue Ribbon Standards?


Ed Rosenthal, nicknamed the “Ganja Guru,” judges marijuana plants on August 13 at a competition designed to select nine specimaens for display at the Oregon State Fair. (Photo credit: Gillian Flaccus/AP)

Cannabis is truly taking a foothold in the United States when growers seek blue ribbons at a state fair. By definition, a state fair is a competitive and social gathering of a state’s population. They’re as American as apple pie and have been part of our culture since the first U.S. state fair was held in New York in 1841.

Oregon is making history this year as the first state fair to introduce cannabis as a farm crop to be judged just like tomatoes, watermelon, squash, corn and other fruits and vegetables grown by farmers across the state. If you go to the Oregon State Fair—which goes through September 5—don’t expect to find the winning cannabis plants next to prize-winning vegetables, but in a pavilion with commercial vendors displaying new cleaning products and exotic pets. As with cannabis stores, the cannabis tent is checking IDs and visitors must be over 21.

In the cannabis industry, we’re familiar with cannabis cup competitions that judge cannabis products based on visual aesthetics, taste, aroma, effect and burn-ability/purity as well as a THC, CBD and residual solvent lab test. Oregon’s State Fair judges focused on the plant’s health and appearance including spatial nodding, leaf structure, and aroma, but not the finished product. And, while this doesn’t indicate each plant’s potency, the state fair competitors still had their reputations on the line.

Competitor Mandy Seybert told National Public Radio, “We’ve never shown anything at a state fair—it would be like my husband’s dream to be able to show some of our cattle or his pigs. So it’s a pretty big deal.” Seybert’s cannabis plant took second place for the Indica variety.

Perhaps what’s most promising about adding the cannabis competition to the Oregon State Fair is the exposure to fair goers. Don Morse, the head of the Oregon Cannabis Business Council, said, “It was this year that the state Legislature designated cannabis as a farm crop. And the general public should know what it’s all about.”

Acquiring Blue Ribbon Cannabis Growing Knowledge

Growing cannabis that meets state fair blue ribbon and cannabis cup standards depends on the right knowledge. No matter what level of cultivation experience you have achieved, building and refining your marijuana knowledge has value…especially today.

EarlyBirdSale“Medical cannabis is legal in some form in 25 states now and patients demand high quality cannabis. Our comprehensive and advanced cannabis horticulture training is provided by master cannabis growers who are the best in the industry,” said Dr. Aseem Sappal, Provost and Dean of Faculty at Oaksterdam. “Our students are prospective and experienced cannabis growers, many of whom want to learn the proper way to grow medical grade marijuana and to comply with state and federal regulations.”

Semester classes for the fall have already begun, but there are still opportunities to learn! Oaksterdam University will host cannabis horticulture seminars in Las Vegas from November 11 to 14 and in New York from December 3 to 6 this year. Called the ‘Harvard Business School of marijuana’ by the Washington Post, Oaksterdam University is recognized for its high-caliber, cannabis industry faculty, its 20 years of experience in cannabis education, and an alumni base from around the world.

Both seminars will focus on indoor cannabis horticulture and will cover everything from seed to harvest including federal and state laws, methods of irrigation, proper nutrients, organic methods, mothers and cuttings, combating pests and pathogens, electrical safety, how to design a grow room, and much more. These seminars will also include a class project in which attendees will create their own personal grow room design!

At the end of four days of intensive instruction attendees have the option to become certified, which is an excellent credential to have in the expanding cannabis industry and requires passing an exam.

Early bird savings up to $245 are available for the seminars in both locations. Both seminars consist of two parts; Part 1 tuition is $645; Part 1& 2 tuition is $1,045. Participants must graduate from Part 1 to take Part 2.

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Cannabis Growers Seek Blue Ribbons For Their Buds at Oregon State Fair, August 30, 2016, All Things Considered, National Public Radio.


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