Oaksterdam Adds Half-Day Business Program; Part of California Cannabis Business Expo


This program is being offered March 5, 2016. Register now to reserve a seat!

Did you know that California is a hotbed for startup activity and ranks as the most popular market for entrepreneurs starting marijuana companies? In fact, there are now more than 750,000 and as many as 1,125,000 medical marijuana patients in California based on California NORML estimates–the total estimated number of patients is 564,000 for all other states combined–and according to the Kauffman Foundation, 38% of the total U.S. venture capital and angel investment capital comes from the Bay Area.

Why does this matter? If you’re serious about starting and growing a cannabis business, California is one of the best places to be. As many of our readers know, Oaksterdam University (OU) is located in this epicenter of this entrepreneurial and a growing cannabis industry.

Based on response to increased demand, OU has created a very unique program geared for current business owners and managers of dispensaries, and cultivation and manufacturing companies, as well as investors providing private equity and resources, and professional and business service providers.

This program, which is part of the California Cannabis Business Expo to be held March 3rd to 5th in San Francisco, differs from the college’s existing offerings on campus, online or on-the-road seminars. It is designed to meet the specific needs of cannabis business decision-makers and will focus on cannabis law, legal business structures, introduction to horticulture, and a growing equipment lab.  All program participants will also have access to the day’s expo activities and networking with like-minded people.

Facilitated by Oaksterdam University’s Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones, this program includes four classes taught by two renowned professionals in the cannabis industry: Jeff Jones, a long-time cannabis advocate and cultivation educator in Oakland, and Robert Raich, a leading medical cannabis attorney who has been involved in medical cannabis legal issues for decades all the way to the Supreme Court.

“As more people enter the cannabis industry, it is so important to understand how to mitigate their legal, social and political risk,” said Sky Jones. “That is the focus of this program and it ties in nicely with everything the California Cannabis Business Expo has to offer. Plus, those earning Oaksterdam certification for this course will be able to take any future elective or advanced classes at OU, as well as enjoy networking during the rest of the Expo.”

Existing prerequisite courses for Oaksterdam University’s advanced business and horticulture classes require a student to enroll in either a two-day seminar or a semester to understand a range of topics from the history and politics of cannabis to its science and how to deal with law enforcement.

“While the college’s basic courses are comprehensive for anyone, the focus normally pertains to individuals, patients, and caregivers.  Tailoring the information for the business professional is what makes this prerequisite course special,” said Sky Jones.

Registration is open, and the program will be held at the San Francisco Hilton Union Square on March 5 from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, includes lunch and full access to the exhibit hall, which features a special interview with Ed Rosenthal.





About the California Cannabis Business Expo: The 2nd Annual Cannabis Business Expo, produced by MJIC Media and sponsored by Marijuana Investor Summit, is the leading forum in one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. This event is the focus for decision makers in the cannabis industry including; current business owners and managers, entrepreneurs starting a cannabis business, investors providing private equity & resources, and professional and business service providers. This year the expo moves from Colorado, the first state to legalize adult use marijuana to California – the largest legal cannabis market in North America. Educational sessions will be led by industry experts that have helped shape state, local, national and worldwide views on marijuana. In addition to Dale Sky Jones, Robert Raich, and Jeff Jones–who will teach Oaksterdam’s Cannabis Business Program, see Ethan Nadelmann, Rob Bonta, Fiona Ma, Bruce Barcott, Tom Lackey and Ed Rosenthal among others.



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