Must Attend Event of the Year: ICBC to Address California’s MMRSA, Potential Adult-Use

icbc_sf_new348x305Most cannabis industry professionals are watching California as it wrestles with the new Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA), which went into effect January 1. As a brief overview, MMRSA is an attempt to create a comprehensive state licensing system for the commercial cultivation, manufacture, retail sale, transport, distribution, delivery and testing of medical cannabis. There’s no doubt that medical cannabis reform is necessary, but how MMRSA is implemented won’t please everyone and could put some cannabusinesses out of business if the regulations aren’t followed.

Frankly, as we start the new year there are more questions than answers circulating among those working in the Golden State’s marijuana industry.

I had the chance to discuss California’s newest regulations and the focus of the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) with Anthony Johnson, Executive Director of Oregon’s successful legalization campaign and an organizer with the ICBC.

“California is the driving engine of the cannabis market,” said Johnson. “It is still the largest marijuana market in the world and how the state implements the MMRSA regulations is being watched. Add to that the potential of adult-use legalization and California’s market will get bigger.”

That’s why business and politics are the themes of the ICBC on February 13 and 14 in San Francisco. Entrepreneurs will learn about California’s new policies, how they can prepare their businesses for future policy changes, and how to fight back against policies that don’t make sense.

“The MMRSA regulations will transform California’s medical marijuana industry,” said Johnson. “Growers will need permits and could face fees as high as $10,000, testing and seed-to-sale tracking will be required, and new state agencies will police production.”

Plus, legalization for adult-use cannabis will be on the ballot in November. The conference will dive into what this will mean with at least 10 different proposals already filed and cities, such as San Francisco, preparing to draft adult-use marijuana regulations.

Many of the top experts in the cannabis industry will be at the February ICBC with a focus on educating and helping entrepreneurs and businesses influence policies to lead the movement and make change. Conference-goers will see our own Dale Sky Jones as well as Andrew Sullivan, Arjan Roskam, Ed Rosenthal, Debbie Goldsberry, Raul Del Pino and many other speakers.

Program highlights will include:

  • California’s New Regulations – What happened and what it means to your cannabis business
  • Full Legalization for California – What’s next and how to prepare for a transforming market
  • Celebrity Interview with Tommy Chong
  • Keynote Speeches by Dr. Joycelyn Elders and by Andrew Sullivan
  • Successful Cannabis Business Strategies – Why advocacy is strategic
  • Pitching Your Cannabusiness and Land to Investors
  • Thinking Bigger – Taking cannabis nationally and internationally

Tickets to the event include the two full days of speaker sessions, access to the ICBC Expo Area, and Saturday Night VIP party with Tommy Chong, Ed Rosenthal, Andrew Sullivan and Del tha Funky Homosapien. Early bird tickets are available through January 22 at midnight.

“ICBC events are different because we cover more than the business of cannabis,” said Johnson. “We focus on political advocacy to protect the gains already made and to ensure that patients have access and people are kept out of prison. It is truly an event that educates and inspires.”

If you own or work in the cannabis industry in California or want to stay on top of changes happening in the largest cannabis market in the world, this is an event you will not want to miss! Past ICBC events have attracted thousands of people from around the world and it’s one of the largest and most successful cannabis business conferences.

International Cannabis Business Conference 

February 13 and 14 at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco

Register Now!


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