Cannabis Industry Opportunities Abound at Upcoming National Cannabis Tradeshow


If you’ve ever attended the Marijauana Business Conference & Expo produced by the publishers of the Marijuana Business Daily, you know there’s not another industry event quite like it in the world. The sheer number of entrepreneurs, growers, dispensary owners and employees, and cannabis product manufacturers is impressive. Over 3,000 professionals from across the United States attended last November’s event.   Over 4,000 are expected at this fall.

This November event will feature 60+ outstanding speakers, 30,000 net square feet of exhibits filled with over 230 cannabis-related vendors, and add-ons such as a crash course for beginners, a marijuana business investor breakfast, and a huge industry night celebration to round off your experience.

George Jage Marijuana Business Daily

George Jage

The man behind this national event is George Jage, President and Publisher of Marijuana Business Media, a company focused on providing industry information through the Marijuana Business Daily, the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo, the Marijuana Industry Directory, the Marijuana Business Magazine, the Marijuana Business Factbook, and the recently released What Cannabis Patients & Consumers Want consumer trends report.

Jage has experience launching B2B events and publications and—under his purview of Marijuana Business Media so far—it shows. The Marijuana Business Conference & Expo continues to grow and attract top notch business leaders as speakers.

“Last year Ben Cohen, Co-Founder of Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc., was the keynote speaker at this conference,” said Jage. “He was great and we chose Ben because of he is a nationally respected entrepreneur who could share successful examples of creative management without losing sight of the social responsibility that led many leaders into the cannabis industry.”

The Spring Marijuana Business Conference & Expo featured best-selling author of Freakonomics, Steven Levitt.  And the upcoming conference will put on stage Ralph Nader, a former presidential candidate who has pushed for the legalization of medical cannabis and industrial hemp, the regulation of marijuana and an end to the war on drugs.

Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader

“Ralph Nader’s experience as a consumer rights advocate provides timely insights for our market where product safety, consistency and credibility are key to market growth,” said Jage.

In addition to Ralph Nader, the group of reputable speakers is stellar and includes such well-known cannabis leaders as Steve DeAngelo, CEO of Harborside Health Center; Rob Kampia, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project; Dr. Sue Sisley, Director of Medical Plant Science-Heliospectra;  and, Oaksterdam University’s own Dr. Aseem Sappal, Provost and Dean of Faculty.

Attendees will also be introduced to a range of industry players from lawyers, bankers, and business owners to farmers and patient advocates from all corners of the United States where medical cannabis is legal.

“The conference offers opportunities to learn as well as meet face-to-face with people who have experience in the industry,” said Jage. “The Expo becomes the center of the cannabis industry universe for three days.  It is where the deals get done.”

OU Logo“Our add-ons are designed to meet attendees where they’re at in building their business. Oaksterdam University is one of our sponsors for our Marijuana Business Crash Course, which is the doorstep program for the event. It provides an extensive overview of the cannabis industry in a smaller, less intimidating setting. And, it helps individuals who are just starting out have more success while participating at the conference,” said Jage.

“ On Thursday night, we’ll hold the first-ever Industry Celebration and Benefit Event.  Through attendee participation, sponsor support, and a significant donation from Marijuana Business Daily, we anticipate donating over $100,000 to some of the top game-changing advocacy groups who are helping legalize the market for us all,” Jage added.

No matter where you live, if you are working in the cannabis industry, this conference and expo is a ‘must attend’ event.

welcome_to_las_vegas (1)4th Annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo           November 11-13, 2015                                                         Rio All Suites Hotel & Casino                                                   Las Vegas, NV

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