Finally…Professional Training Event for Doctors and Nurses Wanting to Offer Medical Marijuana Recommendations to Patients

Montel Williams will be the keynote speaker at the Oct 2015 International Canna Pro Expo

Features Keynote Speaker Montel Williams, Emmy Award-Wining TV Personality and Medical Cannabis Advocate

As patients across the country become more accepting of medical cannabis, the need for doctors who will make recommendations is growing. Most medical schools don’t have curriculum in the science of cannabis or the human body’s endocannabinoid system. In fact, doctors—like the rest of the population—have learned many of the misconceptions about cannabis.

Now there’s professional medical cannabis training for doctors and nurses interested in learning more about this healing plant. This October 2nd – 4th, the International Canna Pro Expo, the leading medical cannabis expo in the country, will feature two days of CME and CNE lectures dedicated to medical cannabis education including the science and history of cannabis, methods of ingestion, legal aspects, and the current political landscape.

Emmy Award-Wining TV personality Montel Williams, an advocate for medical cannabis patients, has been chosen as the Expo’s Keynote Speaker.

“I am proud to be participating in this event,” says Williams. “I’m constantly meeting doctors and health care professionals who are eager for reputable, evidence-based information on medical cannabis. This Expo is their chance to find it.”

Faculty for the Expo includes Oaksterdam University’s Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones, Provost and Dean of the Faculty Dr. Aseem Sappal, and US Supreme Court Defendant Jeff Jones as well as nationally recognized physicians and researchers including Distinguished Professor of Medicine NYCPM Dr. Stephen Holt, Federal Patient and Author Irv Rosenfeld, Dr. Genester Wilson-King, Integrative Cancer Therapeutics Expert Dr. Mark Rosenberg, Political Consultant Michael Bronstein, PTSD Researcher and Scientist Dr. Susan Sisley, and Professor of Neurology at University of South Florida Dr. Juan Sanchez-Ramos.

This event is a MUST attend for doctors and nurses, but everyone—patients, caregivers, growers, dispensary owners, cannabis products manufacturers—is invited. It will be a lively and informing three days.

The conference style educational event will also feature a full expo hall with exhibitors showcasing their products, services and latest trends in the cannabis industry. Business and medical professionals from around the country will be in attendance to discuss medical applications for marijuana.

Participants will gain insight on how our country arrived at the current political landscape, and understand how to behave safely and responsibly under the law.  Attendees will be prepared how best to move forward when recommending cannabis to qualified patients, learn how cannabis can be tested for safety and efficacy, and understand efforts to regulate the distribution of cannabis. Seminar topics covered will range from the seeds of research to methods of ingestion, and include:

  • Evolution of Medical Cannabis Policy
  • Legal: State Vs Federal Law
  • Medical Cannabis Patient Testimonials
  • Cannabis and Gastrointestinal Disease
  • Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Movement Disorders/Glaucoma
  • Cannabinoids and Cancer
  • The Science of Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System
  • Methods of Ingestion & Titration: Extracts, Cooking & Edibles, Topical Applications, Vaporization, Smoking, Sublinguals and Suppositories
  • Aging and Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • A Political Briefing on Cannabis Law:  State by State
  • Recommending Cannabis: Best Practices and Mitigating Risk for Physicians
  • Veterans and Medical Cannabis – Slaying the Dragons for Science – PTSD
  • Cannabis Sativa:  Plant Physiology, Cultivation Concerns and Strains for Symptoms

This event is a MUST attend for doctors and nurses, but everyone—patients, caregivers, growers, dispensary owners, cannabis products manufacturers—is invited. It will be a lively and informing three days.

International Canna Pro Expo, October 2, 3, and 4, 2015

Caribe Royal All Suites Hotel and Convention Center, Orlando, Florida

Register NOW










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