Colorado’s New Marijuana Edibles Laws; Being Responsible is Good for General Public and Cannabis Businesses

Photo Credit: CBS

Photo Credit: CBS

Earlier this month Colorado put new laws in place for marijuana edibles.  As one of the first states to pass legal cannabis—both medicinal and adult use—many eyes are on Colorado as a model from which to learn.

When medical cannabis edibles were developed for patients as an alternative to smoking it, it offered them relief from pain or nausea and still does. In Colorado, the problems with marijuana edibles came about after adult use marijuana edibles became available in January 2014.

While ingesting too much marijuana won’t kill a person, it could cause a very unpleasant experience. According to Dr. Scott Bentz, the medical director of emergency services at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver, patients suffering from that panicky feeling after smoking or eating marijuana are best treated with a sedative and a quiet room.

In April 2014, the medical center began treating more and more patients who had consumed marijuana-infused products and reflect the kind of problems that go along with edible marijuana, especially for those trying such products for the first time.

“Passing new rules for marijuana edibles in Colorado was 100% necessary,” says Jill Amen, co-owner of Jane’s Brew in California. “As an industry, we need responsible people who will maintain dosing restrictions and packaging.” Jane’s Brew, makes and sells cannabis infused coffees and tea and has been recognized with Best Edible and Connoisseurs Choice Edible 2015 by Hempcon Cup.

The new Colorado regulations are focused on packaging, labeling, and potency—total dosages not to exceed 100mg of active THC. According to Amen, “Individuals really don’t understand dosages and education is necessary.”

Playing it safe is a good strategy. Dixie Elixirs’ offers cannabis infused mints, which used to come loose in a tin (10 mints at 10mg each), and are now packaged individually in blister packs (16 mints at 5mg each). In keeping the individually wrapped edibles under 10mg a piece, the company is also more likely to be rewarded by the Colorado’s new incentives, including less stringent testing for low-dose products.

As the cannabis market grows, lack of responsibility for dosing, packaging and labeling by cannabis business owners only blemish the industry.

“Product efficacy is key,” says Amen. “Consumers must trust the product. Compromising that trust is unacceptable.”

Responsibility within the cannabis industry begins with education. Oaksterdam University helps prepare and certify individuals who want to become responsible cannabis business owners and employees. Now Oaksterdam University is bringing its world-renowned Cannabis Horticulture Seminars to Las Vegas, Nevada, March 6 to 9, 2015.

Whether you’ve been growing for years or you’re just starting out, these seminars will help you learn or confirm the best practices for growing amazing medical cannabis from experts. Participants will learn everything from seeds and cuttings to harvest. Certification is available. Learn More.

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