Demand For Medical Marijuana in Nevada Offers Opportunities; Pushes Need For Educated Employees

Oaksterdam University will host Cannabis Horticultural Seminars in Las Vegas in March 2015

Fifteen years ago a ballet question asking voters to weigh in on making medical marijuana legal in Nevada was passed by a 65% margin. Patients grew their own marijuana for personal use until 2013, when the state approved a statewide system of dispensaries, growing facilities and labs. Now, two years later, the “green rush” has hit Nevada in a big way.

There are 65 statewide dispensaries slotted to open this year and the number of medical marijuana cardholders has grown significantly in the last year.  In Washoe County alone—the second most populated county in the state and home to Reno—cardholders jumped more than 65% in 2014. Statewide the number of medical marijuana cardholders in Nevada has grown to over 8,000 and is expected to double in 2015.

Opportunities abound for the entrepreneurs and people interested in careers in the cannabis industry. In the most recent issue of Forbes, not only are investors stepping up to fund cannabis start-ups, but profitability comes quickly with 62% of the businesses reporting they were profitable within 12 months.

In Nevada specifically, the need for more dispensaries has been identified and could increase by as much as 50% according to Leslie Bocskor, the chairman of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association. In addition to serving Nevada medical marijuana cardholders, the state will recognize cards from other states, making Nevada the only state in the country to do so.

Meeting demand is currently on the minds of new medical cannabis farm and dispensary owners. According to Derek Peterson, CEO of Terra Tech in Reno, “We want to make certain that our production and cultivation facility is ready for full production and has the ability to produce multiple strains and product offerings for potential patients.”

Having an educated and prepared pool of employees is also high on the minds of cannabis business owners. To help prepare and certify individuals to become part of the next great medical marijuana state, Oaksterdam University is bringing its world-renowned Cannabis Horticulture Seminars to Las Vegas, Nevada, March 6 to 9, 2015.

Whether you’ve been growing for years or you’re just starting out, these seminars will help you learn or confirm the best practices for growing amazing medical cannabis from experts. Participants will learn everything from seeds and cuttings to harvest. Certification is available. Learn More.

Time: March 6 to 9, 2015

Place: The Four Queens in Las Vegas

Enroll Before 2/28/15 and Save $195

Call 510-251-1544 or Register Today!


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