Best Business Practices and Innovative Products Propels Jane’s Brew™ into Official Product Launch at Hempcon 2015

Jane's Brew Coffees, Teas, Beverages

Jill Amen’s passion for cultivating cannabis in Northern California is coming full circle. This month marks the official product launch of Jane’s Brew™, a variety of gourmet coffees, teas, hot chocolates and edibles for the discerning cannabis consumer, with an exhibit at Hempcon in San Jose, California, from January 23-25.

“For over 30 years I have been a solid believer of the benefits of medical cannabis when used properly. I also believe the medicinal and wellness aspects of the plant are best delivered in forms other than inhaling and smoking. And I know that there is a market for a higher-end, quality edible product for those who prefer a more evolved social or relaxing cannabis experience,” said Amen.

To get Jane’s Brew™ off the ground, Amen and her son Trey founded the House of Jane in late 2013 and established indoor cultivation sites. They structured the House of Jane as a mutual benefits corporation and the company operates as its own not-for-profit collective with its own list of patient recommendations; something that allows them to both cultivate medicinal cannabis as well as process it into Jane’s Brew™ products. Research and development of the beverage line began in early 2014, manufacturing facilities and kitchens were built in November, and initial products were shipped to California dispensaries in December.

Managing Director and Partner Ben-David Sheppard of D.C.-based Mothership Holdings was brought on board to bring in talent and investment financing as well as political activism, which is so important for their business and the medicinal cannabis industry.  All of the House of Jane’s trademarks, formulations and brands are licensed to General Beverage Consulting & Management, Inc., which is responsible for marketing.

House of Jane Cultured Cannabis - Jane's BrewJane’s Brew™ Features and Benefits

– Gourmet, fair-trade ingredients using local boutique roasters and blenders for the freshest products

– Discreet and transportable for anytime, anywhere therapy

– Extremely accurate dosing including high CBD, 20:1 ratio and 4 other indica/sativa THC dosing options (20mg, 40mg, 80mg, 120mg).

– Triple lab-tested and certified for toxins and pesticide-free products; lab testing for consistent dosing.

– No cannabis smell or after taste

– Synergistic effects between caffeine and cannabis

– Non-caffeine alternatives for relaxation and sleep

– Potential therapy to reduce pain, induce relaxation or sleep, or to boost concentration & energy

– Product options for non-fat, non-dairy, non-gmo, no artificial sweeteners, gluten-free and sugar-free

– K-Cup option is available in eight different flavors

– Available throughout California at quality, licensed dispensaries

With a keen understanding of their customer, Amen and her team intentionally chose the Jane’s Brew™ tag line, “Cultured Cannabis.” The products are targeted to a mature, savvy customer who appreciates consistent, well-tested dosing, discretion, taste and a sophisticated alternative to smoking.  And, they have created proprietary processes and fair-trade ingredients to help emulsify and suspend the oil base and help minimize any cannabis taste and smell. Jane’s Brew™ products are currently only available in California. But soon they will be available in adult-use states including Oregon, Washington, Colorado and D.C. as well as other medicinal states such as Nevada.

Amen is extremely proud of the steps taken to start up the House of Jane. “We have created an entirely new and different way to experience quality, safe cannabis and we believe in doing business the right way. We put patients first, comply with all regulations, use fair-trade ingredients, and surround ourselves with people who are knowledgeable including graduates of Oaksterdam University,” said Amen. “In fact, we are very excited to collaborate with Oaksterdam University to co-promote Best Business Practices in the Cannabis Industry.”

“Collaborating with the House of Jane makes sense,” said Dr. Aseem Sappal, Provost and Dean of Faculty at Oaksterdam University. “We teach students how to operate cannabis businesses with best practices and the House of Jane is implementing those practices. We’re impressed with what they’ve done.”

To learn more about Jane’s Brew™ visit their website or see them at Hempcon January 23-25, 2015.

Do you want to be part of the growing medical cannabis industry? Consider attending Oaksterdam University. 

Oaksterdam University offers semester classes and 2-4 day seminars to get you started. Topics cover regulations, history and politics, legal rights, horticulture, ingestion methods, science of cannabis, economics of cannabis, patient relations and advocacy, dispensary operations and business management, procurement and allocation, legal business structures, delivery business and topical applications. Learn More.




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