Patients Benefit From Medicinal Marijuana; Growing Number of Caregivers and Future Marijuana Business Owners Line Up to Learn

Patients benefit from medicinal marijuana when other treatments simply don’t work. Press of Atlantic City published a story about Tatyanna Rivera, a seven-year-old girl who has fought a severe form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome since she was 10 months old.  What’s severe? Up to 300 seizures a day, some lasting 10 minutes or more.  The prescriptions given to her calmed her but left her brain “paralyzed” according to her father.  Since she began taking drops of marijuana-infused coconut oil, Tatyanna has more good days than bad ones and is learning to feed herself and interact with others. It took two years and a thousand dollars for her family to obtain this treatment through New Jersey’s stringent medical marijuana program.

More recently, Brian and Meghan Wilson moved to Colorado to seek medical marijuana for their three-year-old daughter Vivian, who suffers from Dravet syndrome, an aggressive and potentially deadly form of epilepsy. Why move to Colorado? They got frustrated with the medical marijuana laws in their home state of New Jersey, where their daughter was part of the state’s medical marijuana.  In the Colorado medical marijuana program, the Wilson’s are able to experiment with medical marijuana to find the best solution for Vivian’s seizures.

As more parents of sick children and patients themselves learn the healing effects of cannabis, demand for medicinal marijuana goes up. Twenty-three states have legalized medicinal marijuana to date but there continues to be a huge gap in the education of future marijuana growers, dispensary owners/employees, and patients/caregivers. That’s why Oaksterdam University, which is located in Oakland, California, went on the road in August.

One of their stops was Atlantic City, where hundreds of people paid $995 each for a four-day seminar on growing marijuana. Topics covered everything from cannabis production from seed to harvest, important legal and civil rights issues, and insights into the current trends of the U.S. cannabis movement. Many in attendance were looking to help family members with cancer or to be ready to open businesses when marijuana becomes legalized.

Oaksterdam University opened in 2007 and has provided quality training about cannabis and marijuana policy reform for over 20,000 students. Its faculty is comprised of professionals, academics and many of the most recognized names in the cannabis industry.

Are you a caregiver or a future cannabis owner? Consider enrolling in Oaksterdam University’s classes or programs. OU’s next “on-the-road” seminars will be held in November in Denver, Colorado, and will offer certifications in cannabis basics as well as cannabis basics and bud-tending.


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