Want to Grow Your Own Marijuana? Unique Opportunity to Learn From the “Godfather of Cannabis” Mel Frank


Growing your own marijuana

Growing marijuana may sound like a relatively easy undertaking. After all, you just need some seeds, some water and sunlight, right? But, what if the plants don’t flower? What are the differences between the many strains of marijuana? How do you correctly harvest cannabis? What laws must be followed to grow marijuana safely and responsibly?

Mel Frank, also known as the “Godfather of Cannabis” knows everything about cultivating, growing and harvesting marijuana. He is perhaps one of the industry’s most important first innovators in the field and he’ll be leading a special elective course on growing marijuana on September 27 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California. This day-long seminar will cover cultivation law, botany and nomenclature, harvesting and manicuring, and identifying preflowers and outdoor growing.

September 27, 2014, 10 am to 5 pm

Special OU Elective Course, Lead by Mel Frank

Cultivation Law: Learn how to grow safely and responsibly, in accordance to the law.

Lecture 1 – Botany and Nomenclature: Learn botanical names and functions of plant structures, see original landraces that formed the basis for much of the current seed industry, and also see unusual plant anomalies.

Lecture 2 – Harvesting and Manicuring: Covers the how, why, and when of harvesting and manicuring, with detailed, scientific explanations.

Lecture 3 – Art of Identifying Preflowers and Outdoor Growing: Learn about multiple crops/year in natural light; rejuvenation; problems; insects


Mel Frank , the Godfather of Cannabis, is leading a special elective course at Oaksterdam University in September 2014.Mel Frank, which is the pen name of James J. Goodwin, is a writer and photographer for High Times and is the author of dozens of articles and photographs that have appeared in Hi Life, Head, Marijuana Papers, Skunk and Red Eye. His journey into marijuana cultivation began in his New York apartment in the late 1960s and quickly evolved into a how-to article in the New York Flyer of Rolling Stone in 1971. Together with Ed Rosenthal, Mel went on to write a marijuana growing book called Marijuana Growers’ Indoor/Outdoor Guide, which was published in 1974 by Level Press in San Francisco and became the official book that marked the beginning of the grow-your-own era.

In the book, which is no longer in print, Frank and Rosenthal covered the history of cannabis, its active ingredients, the cultivation of marijuana, indoor and outdoor gardening, flowering, breeding and propagation, as well as harvesting, curing and drying. His second book, Marijuana Grower’s Insider’s Guide was first published in 1993 and is available at most bookstores.


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